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Kleencare Service Ltd: 

A CaseStudy

How helped to expand my business!

Kleencare Service Ltd

Unit 7 Corringham Park Farm

One Tree Hill


SS17 9NH

01268 520020

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Please note this was a part-time position with an average of 15 hours per week.

Executive Summary

Kleencare Service Ltd is an established Domestic Cleaning Business that needed to expand its Commercial Services.

We wanted to recruit a partner that would be able to develop relationships with larger corporate clients with a view to working with these organisations. We were clear that we didn’t want a Telesales person that just focussed on volumes of calls, we were looking for someone to build long lasting relationships including trust with our targeted organisations.

We chose Leads2Sales as our partner company.

Our Challenges

Prior to engaging with Leads2Sales we had tried various different methods to build our commercial business:

  • In house telesales person.
  • Organisation mailshots.
  • Email campaigns.

However we are not professional sales people and don’t necessarily have the confidence to find the correct contacts and arrange meetings therefore we found that our ROI was very poor. We knew that we needed to find a solution to this challenge.

Our Results

Over the following 18 months Leads2 Sales have secured us multiple contracts within large organisations and due to the relationships built these have proved to be on-going and have leveraged the original contracts into multiple contracts.

In addition to marketing our services Leads2Sales have been instrumental in helping us package our services in a way that has created a niche market that we have been able to exploit.


  • Provided New Markets.
  • Sourced and secured multiple Blue Chipclients.
  • We have secured in excess of £200k of annual sales from works that Leads2Sales have generated to date.
  • We have contracts in the pipeline or under negotiation.
  • This has enabled the sale of Domestic Divisions to concentrate on our Commercial Business.


We have been really pleased with the long term success of our partnership with

The business has grown in a way that we could never have forecast; we have a more streamlined group of services that we are able to tailor to the individual needs of our clients.

We have relationships with a number of large organisations who trust us to deliver a quality service and have no hesitation in recommending us to other teams within their organisation. now provides us with on-going customer relationship support and in we continue to use the partnership to generate new business.

Andrew Ridley, Managing Director


To contact

Please call Jeremy Cox-Harris (FInstSMM) on 0800 999 2324

Alternatively email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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