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Results Driven Appointment Setting!

Here at we offer an appointment setting service that ustilises your time in the most cost effective way, qualitiy appointments where you can close deals!.  Our job if you chose this apporoach is to set sales appointments so that you speand as much time as possible in meaningful sales meetings wih an interested decision maker.

Our Appointment Setting Approach

Using a carefully developed unscripted methodology we uncover business pain points and match benefits to create need. We’ll find the “low hanging fruit”, but will also find longer term opportunities, going from cold call to appointment over the course of many calls. fully appreciate that badly researched, unqualified appointments are an expensive waste of time.  We also “close the loop”, ensuring that structured feedback on each appointment from your team is used to coach and improve ours, producing ever better results.

To find out more about our sales appointment setting expertise call us on 0800 999 2324.

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Jeremy Cox-Harris - MISM

Master of the Institute of Sales Management.

“Hard won but willingly shared”

Masters of the ISM will be highly experienced and extremely influential as sales gurus and communicators; with many considered as thought leaders within the sales industry.

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