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Trade Shows

Delegate or Exhibitor?

I have been known to attend Trade Shows on behalf of my clients, that's right I appear as a delegate of 'insert your company name here'.  Most recently for the same client, the Facilities Show 2015 (London Excel) and the Facilities Management Show 2015 (Birmingham N.E.C)

Trade Shows as we know come with costs attached, one of the most notable alongside financial is:

  • Who will attend?
    • Can that person afford to take time out of day to day running of the Business?
    • Do they have the knowledge of our company to represent us?
    • Do they have the personality required?
    • Do they have the drive to continually network?
    • Will they treat it as a company paid jaunt?

As you know the above are all realistic and valid concerns?

"Will you stop talking to everyone you see?" - ANDREW R (CLIENT) - This is a quote by a client I attended with as a delegate.

Our solution to the above comment was for Andrew to visit the exhibitors separately to see the products and services available on an operational level.  

My role was to network, create and maintain relationships with delegates and representatives (some of which are still running to this day).  

Moving forward this become a fixture of our working style when attending Trade Shows together. 


Much the same as above although here you have spent a great deal more money and the last thing you need is for your Exhibitor to act like a rabbit caught in the headlights.  I have seen this happen to even the best of Sales People.  

Don't get me wrong the soon, the persons referred to above soon rally and make a comeback!  Sadly for you as a Business Owner you just may have lost the biggest potential sale / connection of the show.

You need

  1. Someone who has no fear of these events.
  2. Someone who will hit the ground running when the first delegates walk in.
  3. A person who will not have 'a few to many' in the 'cause of networking' and be slow on the uptake if showing a for a 2nd day.

Remember people, I have more reason to succeed than most.  Like you, I am self-employed and again like you, I have to produce for my customer or that customer will not work with me again!  

Therefore Your success (really) is Our Success!!

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